Gourmet Caramel Labels

Four jars of gourmet caramel with amazing labels.

A little sea salt, a little chipotle, a little cinnamon. A little magic.

Caramels come in a widening variety as gourmets around the country and around the world push the envelope of what we expect and enjoy when it comes to delicious caramels.

We work with companies that make gourmet treats, including caramels, to create a tasty packaging recipe. There are so many products that have mediocre labeling, so there is no reason to fit in when we can help you stand out in a cost effective way.

With many flavors comes the need for many different labels (at least the text part). Luckily, we print with digital technology, so you can put all of your different label designs in one order as long as they share the same specifications for the label build.

If you put your caramel sauce in a jar, consider having a sealing label that goes across the top and down the sides. This can help reassure your customer that the container of confection is unopened since you sealed it. Another benefit is having the packaging look both intentional and professional. Customers often want to feel confident of the quality of the product based on the quality of the packaging.

A box of caramels with a custom label.

If you have smaller satchels of boxes of caramels, consider a label with a custom shaped edge or a wrap around label. This can set off the packaging, giving it a more special feeling. Since people who buy gourmet caramels are more likely to savor the experience, it makes sense to make the whole experience special, not just the tasting portion.

There are hundreds of ways to utilize custom labels for your caramel packaging to elevate it. We would love to help you explore ways to improve your packaging or your bottom line with our digitally-printed custom labels.

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