Golfing for a Better Greenville

We had the pleasure of helping sponsor the 2012 Arizona Open golf tournament benefiting Pendleton Place, a local non-profit helping children make the most of often unfortunate situations. Arizona Steakhouse, a local eatery, was the chief sponsor, hosting the tournament, as well as a concert to benefit the children.

Pendleton Place for Children and Families is an award winning shelter and family care non-profit organization here in Greenville, SC. We have had several opportunities to help them out and we think they are incredible people who run an outstanding organization.

“Since 1975, Pendleton Place has been a place of safety and comfort for children hurt by abuse and neglect. Much more than just a roof over their heads, Pendleton Place provides the structure, support and guidance children need to begin the healing process.”

The first time, we visited and played with the children housed at their facility, shooting baskets, riding bikes and laughing together. Some of our staff were so taken by these wonderful children that they felt compelled leave briefly to go buy toys to give to the children.

We cannot show pictures of the actual children from Pendleton Place due to protection of identity. Trust us, they were adorable and full of energy.

If you live in or around Greenville, SC, you can contact Pendleton Place to get involved in a variety of ways. These children are worth the investment of time, money and attention. Join us in loving our community.

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