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GHS Label Compliance by June 1, 2015

chemicals being prepared in a lab

So, you have a company that makes really awesome proprietary chemical compounds. The manner in which the secret family recipe is guarded would make Fort Knox look like a sand castle. The business has grown, and you need to get the freshly minted drums of liquid gold from Kalamazoo to Colorado Springs. You call up the LTL freight folks and get the test batch on the road. Things are going pretty well. But…

Are you ready for June 1?

Ready or not, things in the transportation of chemicals are changing.

If you transport chemicals for industrial use, you will have to begin complying with the Global Harmonization System (GHS) standards if you have not already.

Since 1992, the system has been developed. It is designed to allow for consistent and simple identification of hazardous materials, namely chemicals, in transport. This is a safety protocol which gives workers a better chance of correctly and safely handling materials with which they are not familiar. The symbology is simple enough that regardless of native language, the worker moving or handling the chemicals should know what precautions to take to ensure safety.

Instead of each company or country having their own system for labelling (or worse, no system) hazardous chemicals, GHS works to make safety paramount internationally. The verbiage, symbology and signal words have been standardized so that even if you have never seen a particular item or chemical before, you can easily navigate the labelling to find out what the drum or container requires for proper and safe conveyance. This system of standardization removes a lot of potential hazards from missing, jumbled, or illegible content.

So, even if a chemical barrel starts in Thailand, having the majority of the text written in Thai characters, a person from Guatemala can recognize a signal word as well as the symbology to know hazards inherent in the chemical. This could save lives and potentially help protect the environment in the case of wreckage or an accident.

We use some pretty incredible digital printing technology to very quickly ship out your custom GHS compliant labels. We can print from half in circles up to legal size sheets to make sure that any size container is properly labeled and ready for safe transport. Part of the beauty of our printing technology is that we specialize in shorter runs so that small businesses can have a competitive advantage. You can also combine designs (say for 1, 5 and 50 gallon containers) into one order to make the price per label come down by taking advantage of bulk pricing.

Here is a very basic template for creating a compliant GHS chemical label for chemical transport. Please refer to the OSHA technical site for specific verbiage, symbology use and other details for finishing your custom label. Section 4.2, linked above, details the specifications and criteria for a proper GHS compliant label. Make sure to double check compliance before submitting your labels to us or any other labeling company.

Custom GHS Label Template

We love helping companies grow, become more excellent and love what they do. We admit that we are not experts at GHS compliance, so please make sure that you consult proper documents and if necessary, make a call to OSHA or an agency specializing in compliance to make sure that your label design is complaint with the full measure of any applicable laws and GHS requirements. Please see our Terms of Use in the shopping cart for further clarification about any claims that you perceive to be made here.

If you have any questions about our pricing, materials, capabilities or want to chat about the weather in beautiful Greenville, SC, give us a call at 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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