Frontier Label's Christmas List Help

Looking for a little something extra to stuff those stockings this Christmas?
Here are some of our staff favorites.

For the Kids:
1. Jameson Woodworks
These hand crafted knife and toy kits are both educational and attractive. Look forward to plenty of fun during assembly and afterward! (

2. Sweet & Sara
Sara’s handmade marshmallows are just the thing for those wanting to explore something new. These vegan treats are available in classic or seasonal flavors. (

For Dad:
1. Wurkin Stiffs
Keep your dad looking sharp with magnetic collar stays. This little accessory will whip any choker into check. (

2. Wild Rose Herbs
Wild Rose Herbs offers a line of grooming products just for the guys in your life: Wild Man. A gift of these essential oils and creams will go a long way to tame the wildest of whiskers. (

For Mom:
1. The Charleston Soap Chef
Mom won’t be able to tell which is better: the way Charleston Soap Chef’s lotions and scrubs smell or the way they feel. Plus, each order arrives with a complementary drawstring tote for fool proof gift wrapping. (

2. Seawicks Candle Company
With scents that reflect coastal living, Seawicks hand poured candles are like a vacation in a tin. Send Mom to Maine with scents like Beach Girl, Beneath the Pines or Cider Hill. (

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