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Memorial Day:

Please note: In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, we will be closed Monday, May 27.

Frontier Label Discount Code

Just because the Government is taking a break doesn’t mean you get one, too. It takes a lot of hard work to run a business. It takes patience, persistence and money. 9 out of 10 humans say they could use a break every now and then. We agree.

Frontier Label sees you over there working hard, sweating to the oldies. We’re trying not to stare. It’s the sequin pants.

To help you get in a price break, here is the discount code for the month of October, 2013: 649275

This discount code is to help folks who are on the fence about whether to try us out or not. We would love to help you market your product with some beautiful labels and stickers, but sometimes the budget has tight purse strings. This code is good for $25 off your order set (any number of orders placed at the same time). It can only be used once per customer this month.

You can enter the code on the billing information page during the checkout process. There is an input box in the bottom, right hand corner of the billing and address information page.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a toll-free call at 877-277-4682 or chat us using the link at the bottom of this page.

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