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Free Reading for All

by Cara Harris

Small Free Library

This month we installed a free neighborhood library to promote literacy and reading for all ages. The community library is a concept that has been growing for the last 5 years or so. This type of library is basically a glorified birdhouse installed outdoors where books are donated and free for the taking. This being my first-ever wood working project, the Frontier team came together to help me figure out things like wood filler and windows. We worked together to build a beautiful library (including a plexiglass door’thanks to one of our Frontier convertors, Kilton!) and donate books that are now available to one of our local communities. The finishing touch? A custom sticker of course! The clear plastic window sticker explains that all books are free for the taking (thanks to one of our printing staff, Caleb, for making that happen).

Custom printed label on the door of a small library

Frontier actively seeks out ways to give back to our amazing community. What are some ways that you’ve been able to be involved in your community? If you have a free community library or have any tips for us with ours, give us a shout!

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