Finding the Best Label Material for Your Product

Find the Best Material & Laminate for Your Label

How do you know what is the best label material for your product? This is an amazingly important question to ponder and also one that we get asked quite a bit. You gotta channel your former gumshoe self, back when Carmen Sandiego was your afternoon. Some light sleuthing will provide the answer. Let’s break it down together!

What do you need your label to do?

How do you need your label to hold up? What conditions will it be in? These types of questions get the ball rolling, but honestly, this can be most easily rephrased as do you need your label to be paper or plastic?

The Synthetics:

Plastics are waterproof and oil resistant keeping your label looking hella fresh.

Bath and body products, olive oils, beers and wines, cleaners and outdoor goods are all products that might go best with a plastic. If your label will be getting wet from condensation in the fridge or oily and sudsy from a bubble bath, it will hold up. The ink won’t run and the label won’t peel off.

White plastic, clear plastics, metallic and holographic plastics offer a wide variety of looks to fit your aesthetic.

Vinyls fall under this waterproof category as well, but will be thicker and more hardy if you are looking for a waterproof label that needs to be tough. This material pairs really well with outdoor and industrial products.

The Papery Goods:

Papers are economical, eco-friendly, and even tout a bit of wet resistance, so they make a very smart label option.

Candles, food items, dried goods, tamper seals, and so much more couple really well with paper. Products that aren’t coming into contact with moisture, wetness, heavy humidity, and oils or that are meant for the indoors are excellent candidates.

While all plastics come with a finish or laminate, some of our papers do not. Specialty papers without a laminate offer more of a textured experience and aesthetic, yet they still have wet strength. Our papers that are laminated look like a twin to plastics; visually you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Putting it all together

Knowing what you are needing from your label and then what material fits those needs is the formula for finding that best label material for you.  We do have a pretty neat Sample Pack that we’d love for you to peel up, stick down, and try out. Our Experience Team pros recommend testing out our materials before putting your bucks down. We want the perfect material for you!

Here are all the label materials that we carry. Each materials will have a description and photos to accompany.

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