Do Custom Wine Labels Matter?

Six different wines in various shaped bottles with custom wine labels.

For those of you debating whether custom wine labels on your product really matter, we want to offer a few benefits of a professional label that will help set your product apart. We at Frontier Label believe that custom labels have significant advantages, and we’d love to be able to pass them along to you and your business!

Leave The Printing To Us.

A common question among small business owners is, “What’s wrong with printing my own labels?” And the short answer is nothing. If your business is still getting started, this may be a viable option. You can get by printing generic labels at your home or workspace, but we want your business to do more than get by. Wherever you are as a business, we want to help you take it to the next step.

Depending on the path you take, at-home label printers can require both large initial investments and ongoing maintenance. Costs can really add up in the form of repairs, as well as regular supplies like ink, toner, and label materials; not to mention the time it takes to produce the labels. If you’re like most small businesses, you have enough on your plate to worry about printing labels when you’ve got shipments to make. Consider the ease of placing your custom label order online, even from your mobile device; knowing you’ll receive a high quality, great-looking label without the hassle of doing it all yourself. On top of that, you’ll receive your labels nicely packaged on 3″ core rolls ready to be used with most label applicators

I Can Do That?

If the ease of ordering your labels online isn’t enough to justify investing in custom wine labels, imagine being able to tailor your wine label to your exact needs. At-home printing may have some advantages but not without it’s limitations, such as the ability to print white ink, use more custom materials, and more expense at larger label runs. When you take the step to go with a custom label printer, the options open up tremendously! As far as functionality goes, you can choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your needs perfectly.

Whether you want a label that wraps all the way around your bottle, two smaller front and back labels, or anything in between, you can choose from more than 1,800 sizes offered on our website Live Pricing Tool. Maybe the material you’re working with at home is smudging or tearing when it gets wet. We also have a wide variety of materials to choose from including several plastic and vinyl materials that are completely waterproof. We also stock Estate 4, Estate 9 and Avon Classic Crest Papers that have a great tactile quality, and are extremely popular within the wine industry. You’ll also find other options on our website including Pantone color matching, multiple designs, alternating front/back labels, variable data and proofing options that help you get exactly what you’re looking for. We also offer a quick standard processing time of three business days, so you won’t be waiting on your labels when its time to bottle.

Get Creative!

If you’re still tracking with us, the benefits of custom labels don’t stop there. One of the biggest pros to custom labels is the freedom to represent your product and showcase who you are as a company. Branding can be a huge factor in how well your product stands out on the shelf. Customers who have had your product may know that it’s great, but what about those who haven’t experienced it before? Does your label also attract their attention? Generic labels simply do not stand out like a well-designed, custom label. Most customers assume that a plain label means a lackluster product. In turn, a high quality, well-crafted label says that you take great care and attention to your product.

Here’s where custom labeling gets exciting! Consider that your wine labels communicate much more than just information, but the personality and life behind your company. That can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Take the time to think about what your label is saying about you and your product. From the material you use to the color-scheme and fonts in your label design, you can purposefully communicate your personality and values as a business. If you haven’t considered this before, it may be beneficial to consult a graphic designer to help you represent your company and product well, through a custom label.

At Frontier Label our primary focus is label printing, but we do offer graphic design work as a secondary service. Whether you’re needing artwork adjustments or starting your design from scratch, we want to help you get on the right track to having an outstanding label that consumers notice on the shelf. If you need help with artwork or you have questions about printing your custom wine labels, please contact us at or via phone at 877.277.4682. We look forward to working with you!

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