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Custom Stickers: Treat Yo Self!

Custom Stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers? Covering any surface you could find with those colorful, cute little shapes was probably a favorite childhood activity of yours, right up there with drawing on the walls. But these days, stickers are all grown up, and they aren’t just for kids anymore. They’re finding new canvases on the laptops of college students, the benches of public parks, and the storefronts of businesses. We’re talking about eye-catching, custom printed stickers that capture your brand’s personality and become fun, effective marketing tools.


Maybe you’re worried that your business isn’t “cool enough” for custom printed stickers, or that your customers won’t want them. But in reality, any business can benefit from beautiful, custom printed stickers and the marketing opportunities that come with it.


Here are four reasons why you should treat yo’ self and make custom stickers a part of your business model.

Build Brand Awareness

In today’s advertisement-saturated world, it’s easy for your product to blend into the background, or for your business to struggle to set itself apart from competitors. And while an attractive, trendy label serves as an effective differentiator, a custom printed sticker builds brand awareness when properly designed and distributed.


The more customers see your logo, the more interested they are in your product or service.  People love feeling like they discovered an up-and-coming company (“I had their sticker before anyone else did”) but also feel reassured by popularity (“this must be a great coffee shop because their sticker is on everyone’s laptop”).

Advertise Almost Anywhere

Custom printed stickers allow you to advertise in unique environments at a competitive rate (so you can tell your accountant not to worry). Custom stickers come in many different shapes and sizes, and have a variety of uses. For example, they can be sold to customers at the register for a couple bucks or given away for free.


Stick them on visible locations in your business such as on laptops, machines, tables, company cars, or windows. To get your brand out and into the community, put stickers in high-profile public spaces where they are allowed. If you mail products, consider using stickers as seals, labels, or as a promotional gift. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Create a Fanbase

As a company, your goal should be not just to reach customers but also create fans. Fans of your business will talk about how awesome your product is and recommend it to new customers (who later become fans themselves). Repeat.


Just like branded t-shirts, custom stickers turn ordinary customers into brand ambassadors. As a personal endorsement of your brand, stickers are an excellent word-of-mouth advertisement that sparks conversation and attracts interest. Need help developing a unique brand that will turn customers into fans? Check out our blog post here.

Custom = Creative  

To design something that customers will happily display on their car, laptop, or other personal item, you’re going to have to get creative. Choose fonts, colors, and shapes that evoke the feeling or image you want customers to associate with your brand. What best captures your brand: bold or minimalist, modern or traditional? Are you including a mascot or other visuals, or just the company name? Will you add a website link, address, or phone number? If the sizing and formatting seem Herculean, simplify with a sticker template.


Hitting a creative wall? We’d love to help create a custom sticker that will elevate your brand and wow your customers.


We’ve got some awesome new samples to inspire and help get you started on creating your own custom sticker that will make your brand stick.


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