Custom Labels for Makers

Custom Labels for Makers

We have had the privilege of partnering with The Makers Collective over the last few years to sponsor a few of their wonderful events.

There are so many hard working people in the world of Makers. We want to put our shoulders down next to you, and help you on your next packaging adventure.

As you are well aware, packaging matters to get your product noticed. Whether that is your website, Etsy shop, IG account, or box on the shelf, it all counts toward engaging people longer than a glance. Maybe you can even get them to interact with you or your product.

How you speak to your potential customer through your platform of choice is a big deal. Meaning, using all forms of communication (verbal and non-verbal) to convey how awesome and valuable your work truly is.

More than likely, you don’t make just to pile up junk in a corner, but you make because you love sharing what you have learned and accomplished with others who will also value what you are capable of producing.

Firstly, thank you for being brave enough to step out and make. It takes courage to pour yourself into what you do for people to see and assess.

Secondly, we would love to help you take your packaging to the next level.

We specialize in helping people transition from in-house labeling to professional labeling. This allows makers to focus on their craft and not the tedium of sitting by a desktop printer, hoping the printing turns out well, hoping the sheets are aligned during print, and hoping that the printing doesn’t come off the label once applied. If you are producing more than 250 labels, it would probably make sense for you to spend that time spent printing at home and turn it into networking, sales, making or learning.

The cost may be a little higher to go with professionally printed labels, but we can produce a higher quality, more attractive and easier to apply label than what an office supply chain could offer. As your quantity grows, that price difference begins to work in your favor not just in freed up time, but also in consumables, labor and overhead.

Also, as a digital printer, we don’t have costly setup or plate fees. You can print as many versions of your design as you would like in the same run, and only pay $10 per version instead of hundreds. This removal of setup and plates means that we can get the labels out the door much quicker than traditional and flexographic printing shops. This keeps your total price, inventory and warehousing to a manageable level since we don’t have minimums. You don’t have to print 10,000 or even 1,000 to start with us.

Do you have several scents of soy soaps? A venerable variety of vintages? Copious candle collections? Myriad menu miscellany? Sorry, I got carried away. The point is, if you have 7 scents of a candle line (regardless of the product size, if the size of the label is the same) you can combine them into one order to get bulk pricing benefits even though you may only need 150 of each.

We have many beautiful materials to work with, that you can see here on our label sample pages. All of our materials are self-adhesive (also known as pressure sensitive) and are ready to apply straight off of the roll. We apply a laminate to most of our materials to protect the inks from running, smudging or scratching off.

We recommend recycled Kraft® paper for a more rustic and natural look. It is also made with 100% PCW materials. This is an un-laminated material, but the ink sinks into the fibers and holds up really well.

To get a more sophisticated look, we recommend going with a metallic paper and a matte finish. Our example of Australian surf wax (fun fake product from sample pack) is what you can achieve with that particular combination of labeling materials.

As always, we would love to answer any questions you have about custom labels or stickers. Feel free to call 1-877-277-4682, or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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