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Memorial Day:

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Our Free Sticker and Label Templates Are Here!


Templates take the guesswork out of setting up and sizing your artwork, making it a cinch to design a label you know will look good.

Mario with a power-up, second alarms, three day weekends, pie. All of these things are basically what our new custom sticker and label templates feel like to your label design. Here’s how:

The template shape, once downloaded, can be resized to match the label size you’re wanting to order and contains guides to ensure your artwork fits correctly into the printing area of the label.

Our team of graphic artists are always on the ready to catch and adjust any design elements that slip past safe zones or fall short of bleed lines, but using label templates from the get-go might save on any delays that occur from tweaking artwork.

Just head over to claim your free templates. Happy designing!  


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