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Why You Should Consider Custom Wine Labels

Why You Should Consider Custom Wine Labels

They say not to judge a book by its cover… but when you’re a casual wine drinker wandering through the grocery store looking for a quick dinner party contribution, it’s a different story. Whether your taste leans toward bold reds, dry whites, or festive rosé, wine bottle labels make a huge difference when it comes down to making a bottle selection, especially for casual wine enthusiasts: according to Nielsen, only 29% of consumers know which brand they intend to buy before they enter a store. The rest of us? Well, we’re just waiting for the right bottle to jump out at us.

Who’s Raising the Glass? 

Wine label design has become more diverse than ever. Just walk inside any grocery store or bottle shop and see for yourself: you’ll spot everything from whimsical illustrations to bold statement typefaces to fancy gold foil—and that’s just the merlot aisle! These days, countless new wine products are crowding the shelves each year (last year, Nielsen reported more than 3,500 newcomers entering the market). The more the merrier, of course—but when so many brands are clamoring to catch the consumer’s eye, it’s more important than ever to make a good first impression. First impressions are everything, after all, and that’s especially true in wine: last year, Nielsen conducted an analysis of 20 wine brand labels utilizing eye-tracking technology, and found that 57% more consumers saw the most visible bottle than the least-visible bottle within the first few seconds of looking. Those first few seconds are crucial in catching a consumer’s eye, and having a label that stands out gives your bottle a better shot at getting noticed. That’s the difference between your bottles making it to the checkout lane (and later, that dinner party), versus staying on the shelves to gather dust. We’ll raise a glass to that.

And then, of course, there’s the demographic data: millennials, who are drinking more wine than any other generation, are four times more likely than baby boomers to pick a bottle based on the label alone, according to a 2015 report from Gallo. Nielsen also reports that, across generations, 64% of consumers try a new product simply because the package catches their eye, and 41% will continue to purchase a product because they prefer its design.

Let’s Make a Toast!

It’s a fact: wine label design is more important than ever. And when it comes to saving on costs, going with the cheapest option or playing it safe with a generic label may seem like an easy corner to cut, but it won’t help your brand in the long run. So how do independent purveyors step up their game and get their goods into consumers’ hands without breaking the bank? Well, that’s where we come in.

When it comes to selling wine, high-quality, custom wine labels are just as important as the juice itself, if not more so. Frontier offers plenty of ways to customize the look and feel of your label for a design that embodies your brand and catches shoppers’ eyes, with options that are more high-quality than what you might spot on a bottle of Two Buck Chuck. Our fifteen different paper options include sophisticated metallic, handsome textured estate papers, and natural, eco-friendly TerraSkin. 62% of our wine clients choose a classic estate material for their labels (Estate 4 or Estate 9)—and there’s no going wrong with a refined vintage feel. But, don’t be afraid to be bold! A metallic paper with a matte finish gives you a brushed metal look that’s sure to stand out. With over 1,200 sizes available, options are endless for customizing the shape of your wine label and ensuring it fits your bottle like a glove. And our experts are always on-call to help you figure out exactly what kind of label will work best for your design. 
Ready to dive in to your own custom wine label? Get a live quote for your custom wine label now—and cheers!

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