Frontier Label

Check out our new Logo!

After careful thought and some intense rounds of pixel pushing, we are ready to unveil our new logotype.

For 9 years, Frontier has had the same text and icon treatment that were created by a previous employee. It has worked really well and we have been pleased with how it has served us in the past.

As we have grown and matured as a company, learning more about who we are and where we want to head, we have revisited the ideas and images behind the logo that we have had for all those years.

Frontier Logos Compared

This is our new logo compared with the previous version. We have decided to go with a more modern looking type, to us it reminds us of the ingenuity and work ethic of the 1930’s and 40’s. The beginning of a whole new era of nuclear and space races were begun then, opening to a new world of possibilities. Like all new frontiers, there is a good and a bad possibility with how people handle what they don’t understand.

With Frontier Label, we want to be on the frontier of not just printing technology and best practice, but also customer experience and relations. We feel like the new logo is more relatable and fun, while also showing professionalism and intentionality.

The logo has a shape instead of the “o,” which we loved and think is not only a great balance of a throwback to the Saturn shape in the previous logo, but also gives it new trajectory and purpose. It is a solid and iconic sort of shape that reminds us of technology, space, industry and so many other things.

We are really pleased to have a logo, by our new friend Justin Hall, that we believe will be with us for a very long time.


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