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It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

Custom Supplement & Nutraceutical Labels

Supplements and nutraceutical products range from single nutrients, to organic foods, to herbal diet supplements. Frontier Label has specific products that are tailored exactly to your supplement and nutraceutical labelling needs. Frontier Label offers a thermal printable laminate option! This is ideal for products like dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, meal replacement supplements, antioxidants, brain boosters,…

How To Make a Custom Supplement Label

Are you ready to take the next step to a custom supplement label for your product? If that seems daunting, we at Frontier Label want to help! Maybe you’ve been making your own supplement labels, and are just exploring what it would take to have a custom label printed. It all starts with a basic understanding of…

What is the Difference Between Vector and Raster Images?

Graphic design can be confusing for some folks. Especially if this is your first foray into creating a graphic representation of your product or brand. One of the most common choices to make is: in which format will you create your design? Will it be a raster image, created in a program like Photoshop; or,…

3 Top Tips for Perfect Labels

Here are our 3 top tips for perfect labels. 1. Choose the correct size label for your container. Have you ever seen someone that was wearing clothing that was a couple of sizes too small? They should probably wear a large, but somehow found the only “smedium” polo at Express, then shoe-horned their way into…

Custom Label for Supplelment Tub

Some products just need a really large label. Supplement tubs between 2 and 5 pounds need some seriously large labels. In the picture above, you can see just how large we are talking. That label is 4.75″ x 13″! As you probably already know, Apple is releasing a smart watch in early 2015 that is…

3 Great Tips for Custom Supplement Labels

In order to reach the most customers, you have to be seen by the most customers. If you create, source or sell nutraceuticals or supplements, you need to make sure you stand out from the pack. There are thousands of products that offer health benefits, bigger biceps or better sleep. What makes your product different?…

Labels for Supplement Bottles

Many people are discovering the potential for health and happiness that their bodies can possess. The supplement and nutraceutical industry is booming and lots of people are benefiting from the growth. New products hit the market weekly. There is a lot of noise in the industry and it can be tough to get your product…

Material Guide: Silver Paper and Silver Plastic

Need a bronze medallion sticker for a contest? Want to make the gold of the tiger’s eyes glow on your supplement bottle? We can do that. Do you have questions about our silver metallic materials? We would love to help you get your questions answered. Here is some great information about our metallic materials. Silver Metallic…
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