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It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

Writing on Your Custom Printed Labels

Have you ever been to a store and there is a smattering of options of jams or spreads in the gourmet food section, and choosing the best one feels overwhelming. A seemingly insignificant detail that catches your eye. And that’s it. You’re convinced. It’s now on the way to your house, riding shotgun. How did that…

Custom Coffee Labels

A high quality custom coffee label or sticker can elevate your brand. A local roaster worked with us to product the bumper sticker that you see above. It is on a clear vinyl material with a UV laminate. It has an incredible design and helps Due South get their brand seen outside of their location…

Custom Honey Labels

Better looking labels means selling more honey. If you are in the business of making honey products, or harvesting honey from the hive, maybe it is time to step up your packaging  to do justice to your products. By creating an attractive design for honey product labels, you can entice more people to notice, pick…

3 Great Tips for Custom Supplement Labels

In order to reach the most customers, you have to be seen by the most customers. If you create, source or sell nutraceuticals or supplements, you need to make sure you stand out from the pack. There are thousands of products that offer health benefits, bigger biceps or better sleep. What makes your product different?…

Labels for Supplement Bottles

Many people are discovering the potential for health and happiness that their bodies can possess. The supplement and nutraceutical industry is booming and lots of people are benefiting from the growth. New products hit the market weekly. There is a lot of noise in the industry and it can be tough to get your product…

Material Guide: White Plastic and Clear Plastic

Are you looking for custom labels or stickers printed on Poly material? We have a few options for you that will help you have affordable and beautiful labels. Our materials are all self-adhesive and made of high quality components. Our plastics (BOPP) are great for all indoor uses, but could also be used for outdoor…

Material Guide: Silver Paper and Silver Plastic

Need a bronze medallion sticker for a contest? Want to make the gold of the tiger’s eyes glow on your supplement bottle? We can do that. Do you have questions about our silver metallic materials? We would love to help you get your questions answered. Here is some great information about our metallic materials. Silver Metallic…

Sustainable Product Packaging and Labeling

Today is US Recycles Day. There has been a trend for several years, as you are probably aware, of including post-consumer products in packaging. If you are not aware of what post-consumer materials are, you can check out this article. Using recycled products, and recycling the ones that we already use can make a big…

Bespoke Printed Labels

For the discerning business person, Frontier Label has several options of high quality materials to give your product an edge over the competition. Frontier Label produces beautiful and unique custom labels and stickers for any application you can think of or need. Most of our labels are rated to withstand temperatures from -60F to +200F.…

Material Guide: White Paper

White Paper is a great option for cost-saving and is quite popular for use in dry food and beverage applications, like coffee bag labels. If you are looking to print cost-saving custom labels and stickers, this material is for you. It is our most economical option. It is also our most basic substrate. It is…
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