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Label experts writing about labels

It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

GHS Label Compliance by June 1, 2015

So, you have a company that makes really awesome proprietary chemical compounds. The manner in which the secret family recipe is guarded would make Fort Knox look like a sand castle. The business has grown, and you need to get the freshly minted drums of liquid gold from Kalamazoo to Colorado Springs. You call up…

GHS Labels for Chemical Transport

By June 1, 2015 OSHA will have rolled out full regulations and procedures for chemical transport based on compliance with GHS standards. Are your labels ready? The Global Harmonized System, used for labeling hazardous chemicals for transport, is a huge step in making transportation safer for everyone involved. According to OSHA: “The GHS is an acronym…

Custom Foil Labels

We don’t limit you to a handful of foil options. Choose any color you want. Because of our digital printing technology and the metallic materials we use, you can turn any color you want into a foil look. We are constantly looking for ways to leverage our machines and capabilities to bring extra value to your…

Custom Labels for Software

Congratulations! You have a finished software product and are ready to get it to market. If you are not quite finished, and are researching custom labels early on to be ready for launch, thanks for visiting Frontier. We would love to help you regardless of your project status. Keep up the good work and finish…

1" Custom Sticker

Are you looking for a small and attractive label or sticker to enhance your product experience for your customers, or improve the feel of your event? We have several shapes available for a 1″ x 1″ sized custom sticker. As a digital print company, we can quickly and affordably produce beautiful custom stickers for any…
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