Label experts writing about labels

It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

How to Label Soap for Sale

Soapmaking is a craft humans have worked on throughout history. Over time, the craft has evolved from one of simple functionality to an art form all its own. In modern times, soap makers have employed creative soap molds and vivid colors, while also utilizing natural materials and essential oils to create a product that’s beautiful,…

Having Problems with Applying Labels for Lip Balm Tubes?

The weather is cold and people’s lips may be getting routinely chapped. The solution? Your awesome product! When applying labels to tubes of lip balm, or other curved surfaces, lip balm labels will sometimes try to peel off if not applied correctly. That is such a frustration and can cause more headaches than learning billing…

FDA Compliant Cosmetic Labels

Do you need to make sure you have an FDA compliant cosmetic label? First, lets look at what the FDA considers a cosmetic: “A cosmetic is a product, except soap, intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance.” If you have a cosmetic product, what we…

Custom Perforated Labels

Some times you just need your custom label to separate in the middle. Some times you don’t. For those times when you need your label to have a perforation for easy separation (eg: lip balm labels), order your labels with us. We currently have 47 perforated sizes in stock. Some of the sizes have a…
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