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It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

April 2015 First Time Customer Discount Code

Hey you! Yeah, you with the face. I heard you need custom labels. I got what you need. As much as we would be flattered to be called the “Godfather” of custom labels, it’s not necessary. But if you really want to, feel free. Jumping into the deep end of production can be daunting, and…

March 2015 Frontier Label Discount Code

New to Frontier Label? New to Custom Printed Labels? We can help. It can be daunting to spend the money to cross over from in-house labeling to professionally printed custom labels. The price can seem a touch scary, and the process can seem intense. Not to worry. We want to help in any way that…

February 2015 New Customer Discount Code

Sometimes we just need a little push to get us to take a big step. If you are new to the world of custom labels, we know that going with a professional company to help you upgrade your packaging can be daunting. We don’t want you to stress about it too much, so we would…

January 2015 First Time Customer Discount!

Budget a little frozen? Do you need a little discount to take the plunge and try us out in 2015? Well, we are here to help. Use the following code to receive $25 off of your order set: 635606. You can use this code once to help you get a little extra value out of some…

December 2014 Discount Coupon is Here!

Happy Holidays! In order to help everyone have a more merry end of the year, we are doing a very special discount. This code will be usable 3 times per customer. That means you can save a total of $75 this month. That means that you will have to place 3 separate orders to take…

November 2014 New Customer Coupon Code

It is the time of year that things get a little crazy for people prepping for the Holiday Season. There are so many things to do, labels to print and spices to package. How will you get it all done? We don’t know. But good luck! A little help from your friendly, neighborhood custom label…

Discount Code for October 2014

Fall is here, and so is some help. We want you to feel a little less weight on your decision to try us out in October. The time has come for you to order holiday and seasonal labels for your products. This can be a lot stress to get the timing correct. We would love…

August 2014 New Customer Discount

We would love to help you get excellent custom stickers or custom labels. If you need a little late Summer boost to get your budget in line with purchasing fancy labels or stickers, we are glad to spot you $25 toward the purchase. Use this code at checkout on the Billing and Address page in…

Discount Code for July 2014

The Summer is heating up, so cool your budget down with a little discount. We like to help people out with getting outstanding custom labels and stickers for their products and events. We are offering a $25 discount for new customers to help lower the risk of giving us a try. Here is the discount…

Discount Code for June 2014

Who is ready to save some money on custom labels and stickers? For small businesses, Summer is a great time to get some money saved for vacation and take a break before going back to a Fall intense production schedule. This month we would like to extend a discount to help first time customers who…
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