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Label experts writing about labels

It's actually a lot more interesting than it sounds. At the Frontier blog, we talk about trends in label production, cool new label innovations, label conventions… OK, are we the only ones getting excited here?

Recycled Kraft Paper

We love it when a customer gets exactly what they are looking for in a custom label. Not only does their product or event look better, but they feel cared for on a whole other level. Do you need a material that is environmentally friendly? How about one that looks incredible and can help elevate…

Upgrade Your Custom Coffee Bag Labels

Imagine a terrifying scenario. Aliens invade Earth and see people flocking to coffee shops. They decide this must be the source to our power, so they take it all with their mind-rays. Suddenly the world is devoid of the precious beans. (shudders) Our company might just fall apart if coffee were to be wiped off the…

3 Top Tips for Perfect Labels

Here are our 3 top tips for perfect labels. 1. Choose the correct size label for your container. Have you ever seen someone that was wearing clothing that was a couple of sizes too small? They should probably wear a large, but somehow found the only “smedium” polo at Express, then shoe-horned their way into…

Custom Fall Product Labels

It is officially time to order your Fall product labels. The leaves are beginning to change in parts of the Northeast. The wind is a little crisper in the Mid-West. The humidity is less strangling in the South. The weather is exactly the same in San Diego. Its a blessing and a curse. If you have been…

Custom Coffee Labels

A high quality custom coffee label or sticker can elevate your brand. A local roaster worked with us to product the bumper sticker that you see above. It is on a clear vinyl material with a UV laminate. It has an incredible design and helps Due South get their brand seen outside of their location…

Self Adhesive Coffee Labels

Are you looking for high quality custom coffee labels? Few things help sell a product better than attractive packaging. Using self adhesive custom coffee labels is a great way to step up your packaging.  The labels we produce are able to help you elevate your product above the competition. Allow us to help you take…

Custom Tea Tin Label

Do you need a custom label or sticker for your tea tin? We can produce digitally printed labels and stickers in almost any size or shape you want! We have the right label for your 2oz. tea tin. This size also works with any other product you wish to put into a tin or tub…

Custom Coffee & Tea Labels

Many coffee and tea labeling options, from traditional printers, are the same ones your competitors use. So, how do you make your coffee or tea brand stand out and fly off the shelf? Use Frontier Label and create a custom coffee label or tea label that represents your brand and allows your bag, tin or…
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