April 2015 First Time Customer Discount Code

Need a discount on custom labels or stickers?

Hey you!

Yeah, you with the face. I heard you need custom labels. I got what you need.

As much as we would be flattered to be called the “Godfather” of custom labels, it’s not necessary. But if you really want to, feel free.

Jumping into the deep end of production can be daunting, and we would like to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Simply type in the code below during checkout and you can have a quick $25 off your order. No sweat.

Coupon code: 864604

Let us sweeten the deal. If you are brave enough to try the code twice, you may just find yourself saving a little more.

But, don’t tell anyone. We never met.

877-277-4682 or click the Live Chat link at the bottom of this page during normal business hours.

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