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Advanced guide for custom die lines

Here at Frontier Label, we like to help people get the exact labels and stickers that they need. We currently have over 1400 sizes and shapes in stock, but you may need something a little different. If we don’t carry the size and shape that you are looking for, we can order a custom die to produce exactly what you need.

There is a one-time fee for custom dies that falls into one of two categories: standard shape dies cost $175; custom shaped or special/complex dies cost $350.

Once we have the die in stock, it is available for future orders any time you need it and you never have to pay the fee again. The die is owned by Frontier Label once it is in stock. We allow other customers to use the die if it meets their exact specifications.

Now, on to preparing to order the die itself. Here is a sample image:

Artwork for a fictional garage and service shop .

When you have your artwork prepared for print, make sure that it follows the guide for appropriate bleed and safe zone found here. If you have artwork that is ready for print, you can start to create a die line to let us know where the cut line should be when producing the custom labels.

If you are working in Adobe Illustrator, here are some tips for finding the outline that you need.

1. If you need a standard shape – square, circle, oval or rectangle – select that shape tool and draw the desired cut size with the appropriate corner option if the shape requires corners.

2. If you need a special or custom shape, find that shape by selecting the elements of your artwork that make up the area that will be the finished label size. Artwork elements for the final size are copied into a new layer for the die line.When you have done that, copy them onto a new layer above your artwork. With all of the elements in the new layer selected, fill them with the same color and outline. The shapes have been put in the same color so that they can be merged to form one cohesive shape for the die line.Use the “Merge Shape” option from the pathfinder palette to make a final cohesive shape. Once you have a single shape made up from the different parts, change the fill to nothing and the outline to 100% magenta and 100% yellow to make a really strong red outline.This is the final die line in red shown above the artwork. If this is the shape you are looking for, you are finished.

3. If the shape you are looking for is not attainable from either of these methods, you can always call us for further help or ask our artwork department to spend some time working on it for you. There will likely be an artwork time fee for work that we do to help you find a complex shape from your artwork file.

If you are working in Adobe Photoshop, here are some tips for finding the outline that you need.

1. If you need a standard shape – square, circle, oval or rectangle – select the correct marquee tool and draw the desired cut size. You can use guides pulled from the rulers to help get the size more accurate. On a new layer, fill the shape with the bright red listed above. Next, in the new layer, select all of the filled area. Now, use the Select drop down menu to modify the selection by contracting. When prompted to enter the contraction amount, simply enter a small amount such as 5 pixels. Next, erase the red from inside the selected shape, this will leave you with a small red line where the cut line should be. Save the artwork with this new layer and submit it to our website or email our customer service team ( to get a current order updated.

2. If you need a special or custom shape, select the objects and areas of the artwork with the marquee or magic wand tool. This is a picture of artwork for a fictional customer that has been prepared in Photoshop.Create a new layer and fill layer like in the previous tip. A new layer has been created for the custom die shape. It has been filled with red.Follow those same instructions to create the die line around your artwork. The shape has been selected and now the selection will be contracted to give the inside edge of the die line.If you need to take extra steps to adjust the line to fit your desired shape, please do so. Here is a picture of the die line shape on top of the artwork. This is the final shape of the custom die line.When you have finished, please save your file as a .psd with all the layers still in tact. You can upload the file during the ordering process or replace artwork in a current order by emailing the customer service address listed above.

3. If you are unable to create a die line shape for your artwork with these instructions, feel free to give us a call at 877-277-4682.

Hopefully you have found this helpful. If you still have questions or concerns when it comes to ordering a custom die, let us know! We would love to help you in any way we can. Feel free to call 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

This image is a link to our Live Pricing page for a quote for a custom sized label.

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