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Memorial Day:

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Achieving Excellence

According to Wikipedia, excellence is not only a surpassing of standards, it is a higher standard by which other above average subjects are measured.

When people talk about your business, do they use the word “excellent” or do they say things that indicate averageness?

Excellence is not unattainable; however, perfection is. As a business owner or operator, do you aim for excellence or perfection? Excellence means that the product you create or the service you provide is a better value or higher quality than the standards of your industry in a recognizable or relevant way. Perfection is an ideal which is a target, but is not practical because differing opinions of end users or consumers dictate what that should be. Since you cannot satisfy all possibilities with any one product or service, there is no perfect.

Perfection cannot be improved, by definition, so there is no growth and no improvement over time. This means that once your perfect product or service exists, it is stagnant and any variation at all in the process would mean degradation.

Here at Frontier Label, we strive to be excellent. We want to send out labels that are better than you expect. We want our service to be nicer, easier and faster than the standard in our industry. We believe that standard is settling.

Our custom labels and stickers are made with pride in South Carolina. We print them on a high quality digital press so that we can pass time and cost savings on to our valued customers. We strive to package the labels in a way that is helpful, neat and attractive.  Our production team is a great group of people who work to a higher standard than they have to in order to make your custom labels look and apply excellently.

If you have not tried our labels and stickers, we invite you to order a sample pack and build a quote at the link below.

Have a question? Call 877-277-4682 or click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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