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A Love for the Makers

A Love for the Makers

We stand in line. Down the sidewalk. And around the block. Every year the people of Greenville stand in line waiting for the event that beckons the goddess of all seasons, Fall. Down the sidewalk. And around the block. We wait.

Every year for the past seven, the wait has been worth it, and the logic is simple: Greenville’s singular showcase of local arts is nothing short of magical; it is as if the whole of Brooklyn reinvented herself with earthy Appalachian flair and airy Southeastern charm inside the historied Huguenot Mill.

Welcome, my friends, to the Indie Craft Parade.

For three days the mill becomes home to the Southeast’s finest local artists. This parade is the final stop for art ready for debut, but as any artist will tell you, it is the process, the quiet moments, the dirty hands, the behind the scenes that gives the art heart and soul. It’s that beat.

The beat, the thud, the pulse, the life. Here at Frontier Label that’s what we love to do. Help make beats. Help make ideas and processes hard fought for come to life.

You might have seen us doing just that.

Smurfing around in our Frontier Label blue t-shirts, we are a varied group of people. From body builders and ultra runners to world travelers, Hamilton fans, and culinary masters, we still have one thing in common, a love for the arts. For the makers.

It was an honor to help our local artists set up for this year’s Indie Craft Parade. Running around hauling art and setting up displays in the sweaty hours before opening night was no easy task; a mill full of artists have a lot of stuff! However, as the old adage goes, many label making hands make light work! We were able to assist in carrying the load for many artists who ordinarily do all setting up and tearing down for craft shows by themselves. The beauty is in the hard work, seen and unseen. It is an honor helping create that beat and helping give life to ideas that have been years in the making. Sometimes that comes in the form of unloading a van full of hand woven rugs from the mountains of Tennessee or hauling shelving for hand poured candles up and down stairs in the late summer sun.

Today, we got to be the stage crew for the handcrafted. We were able to show love, make work loads lighter, and build new friendships through a common heart: a love for the makers.

The crafters.
The weavers.
And welders.
The roasters.
The potters.
And painters.
The hand-pourers.
And binders.
The leather workers.
The stitchers.

The dreamers.

The future is as bright as we make it.
And we are doing well, darlings.
Because makers gonna make.

See ya next year, Indie Craft Parade!

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