4 Tips to Make a Great Custom Beer Label

4 Tips to Make a Great Custom Beer Label

Craft beer has grown like crazy in recent years, and that’s certainly a good thing—we’ll always be in favor of more delicious beer to choose from. But with that growth comes a new challenge for producers: standing out on the shelves. We already know that, in a crowded market, an eye-catching custom beer label is key to helping consumers actually spot your product from the lineup at their local bottle shop. Craft breweries are responding to that by growing more and more imaginative with their label design and flexing on their artistry—anyone who’s looked at a beer cooler recently has witnessed this firsthand. Brewers are having so much more fun with their packaging, and we are fully here for it.

So, what makes for a great, or even iconic, craft beer label? One that stands out from the pack, evokes the personality and aesthetic of the brewery, represents the quality of the juice itself, and, uh… doesn’t peel off at the first sign of condensation? After partnering with more than fifty craft breweries over the years, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve.

Think about your desired look—and feel.

You know design and layout are key. But in addition to the graphics, colors, and typefaces, the label material itself is important in conveying the right aesthetic. For one thing, you’ll need a material that can handle moisture from condensation. Beyond that, think about what sort of feeling you’re trying to evoke when someone picks your bottle out from the shelf: is your brand rustic and old-school, or slick, modern, and minimalist? Our team is here to help you figure out which materials and finishes will help you achieve that.  

Sweat the small stuff.

Every little detail counts, especially for a small brewery that’s taken the time to craft a standout label (and doesn’t have the resources for a do-over). It just has to be right the first time—full stop. It takes so much thought and care to make good beer, and that same level of craft should be applied to what’s outside the bottle, too. Luckily, we approach craft beer labels the same way: by rolling up our sleeves and collaborating to make sure every last detail works.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Take Birds Fly South, a Greenville-based brewery that makes some seriously delicious saisons, sours, and farmhouse ales. They take an artful, thoughtful approach with brewing their beer, and they wanted their labeling to reflect that. So, when they began designing the label for their super special anniversary blend in collaboration with local artist Chris Koelle, they came to us to bring it to life. Hailey, a customer experience whiz here at Frontier, worked one-on-one with Chris to make sure every detail of his design would come out exactly how he and the brewery envisioned it. The final product? Stunning silver and gold labels, printed on our metallic plastic to really make Chris’s work, you know, shine.

Your industry has unique needs, so make sure your label partner understands them.

Working on a limited run, special edition, or seasonal brew? Frontier has no minimum or maximum order quantity, so a custom label for that 100-bottle cucumber gose is just as doable  as one for your year-round portfolio pilsner. Oh, and we’re pretty quick, too: three days from the time the order is placed to when we ship it out, plus an option to expedite your labels in a day if you’re in a big hurry. We’re getting thirsty just thinking about it.

We can’t wait to collaborate with you and your brew—get a quote for your custom beer label today!

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