3 Top Tips for Perfect Labels

This is a picture of many rolls of custom labels.

Here are our 3 top tips for perfect labels.

1. Choose the correct size label for your container.
Have you ever seen someone that was wearing clothing that was a couple of sizes too small? They should probably wear a large, but somehow found the only “smedium” polo at Express, then shoe-horned their way into it. Its like they want to convey something that is evidently not true, and the look it creates is not only bothersome to viewers, but also not honoring the potential of the person sporting the get up.

The same thing is true if the pants are too large. The person ends up wandering around trying to convince themselves and everyone else that belts were never invented and that plumbing is for everyone. Is it possible that they think back pockets should double as duffle bags?

Our guess is that you don’t normally think about purchasing clothing that is the wrong size for the look you are trying to achieve. You probably want clothes that fit a certain way to express what you are trying to communicate. The same principle should be applied to your product and the custom label that you apply.

If you just pick a size based on price, or what you think looks good “on the rack” and not on the product, you may end up with your own “smedium” or polar bear sized labeling. We recommend taking a piece of paper, holding it to your product or packaging, then marking where the edges should be. Cut out the shape and hold it up again. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with how the label fits. A well proportioned label to product ratio can convey professionalism, beauty and excellence. Putting a 1″ x 1″ circle label on the front of a wine bottle just says you were too cheap to figure out what looks good.

2. Remove everything that isn’t necessary or required.
Have you ever met someone who didn’t have a clue that they were over-sharing from sentence one? You shake hands then suddenly find yourself in the know concerning finances, marital status and favorite color of everyone in their family? Someone inevitably failed to teach them handshake etiquette, so you are stuck there losing feeling in your hand for two hours. It can make you want to back away and wish for that time back. There are definitely better ways to make a first impression.

If you want to take advantage of the first impression afforded by your custom labels, plan to leave space open. This helps people navigate the label properly. If there is more information, detail and graphic elements than someone can take in at arms length, they may get a sense of “here comes 2-hour handshake Harold” and put the item back on the shelf. Initially, all they want is to know what type of oolong tea the tin contains. If they want to find information about seasonal soil conditions, the art of Chinese tea culture, and from which particular family farms in the region of the Jiangxi province the leaves hails, they can go to your website listed on the label.

Simplicity is beautiful.

What do people need to know for this product to make sense? What can I remove from the label and put somewhere else? Would a printed insert in the package be better than a cluttered label?

3. Choose one unique element to set your labels apart.

Not everything in your packaging or labeling needs to be an attention getter. A jogger doesn’t need to have a headlamp, multiple fluorescent colored clothing items, a reflective vest, flashing water bottles and a police escort to be noticed at twilight. They could probably do only one or two and be safe. Certainly the police escort needs no help.

If you are making an after workout or post-run supplement mix, your custom label could have one or two elements to set it apart and keep the rest pretty simple. If you continue to follow tip 2 into this area, you would do well. In our sample pack, we have an example of a supplement label that is over the top. Some people want that, others don’t. We recommend not going over the top, but we showed what it is like for the sake of highlighting possibilities with a unique material like rainbow hologram plastic. You could choose a special material, an image, or a striking color to be your attention getter. Doing too much at once will be more confusing than attractive. Test out the effect of your label design on people who are not in your industry, or who might be potential customers.

Take some time and mull these over. We firmly believe that custom labels make great salespeople. Are your labels pulling their weight, or missing potential customers?

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