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3 Tips for Upgrading Your Custom Label Printing

Here are our top 3 tips for upgrading your custom label printing.

Do you have custom printed labels that need some refreshing? Here are some tips to help you think through improving your packaging by elevating your custom labels.

1. Choose a material and laminate combination that elevates your sensory experience.

Custom Wedding Label on Water Bottle

We have several materials that can provide a non-laminated and textured printed surface. These special papers are great for giving a gourmet, rustic or hand-crafted feel to your product labels. You can achieve a much more high-end look by upgrading your current label material to one of our special papers.

We also think that when you print on a metallic material with matte laminate, there is a subtle amount of metallic sheen, so it gives a nice effect that can surprise in a good way. It is not over the top, so for wedding labels and other events where the label or sticker is not the center of attention, you can support the theme without distracting. You can also print the semi-transparent inks without white ink behind them and create wonderful tinted foil looks when you use the matte laminate.

2. Spring for a custom shaped die that helps represent your brand or product more clearly.

This is a custom printed hot sauce label.

The label above looks fairly normal, until you see the right side of the image. The hot sauce label has a rounded end to give it a more special and customized or personalized feel. This label will work really well in part because it keeps the product container in mind during it’s conceptualization. If you can follow the shape of your container with the shape of your label, the whole experience will be more harmonious. If your label shape sticks out like a sore thumb, people may not take the time to mentally process what your product is because they are so distracted with the visual conflict.

You can browse through our catalog of special shaped label sizes on our quote page. We have hundreds of sizes available at no extra charge. Some of our customers have been able to reuse someone else’s custom size and shape to fit their purposes. If we don’t have a size or shape that fits your product properly, feel free to order a new one for a one-time fee. You can help pay it forward for someone else who may need the same size and shape later. All of our current sizes have been provided in that fashion. We believe that helping people doesn’t have to be hard to do.

3. Use clear labels to create special effects.

Custom printed water bottle label.

When you take advantage of our semi-transparent inks, you can create stunning effects like in the image above. This is a pretty awesome label, if we do say so. You can see in the image that the vehicle and terrain in the foreground have white ink printed behind them to create a 3d effect with the background terrain printed double sided on the portion of the label that wraps around the back of the water bottle. This makes it look like the Jeep is actually driving on the background terrain.

You can let us know if you would like to try and achieve a look like this and we would be happy to help you. This effect works well with most transparent or fully clear liquid products in clear packaging. We have another example in our sample gallery of a vodka bottle label set that we designed.

Just go for it!

Whether you are considering upgrading your current packaging, or thinking of going professional with your label printing, we would love to help you in any way possible. As a company that is small, and growing, we understand that any new or larger outlay of cash is risky. But, we also hold to the saying:

“No risk, no reward.”

If you need to talk to someone about questions you have concerning our company, process or would like advice for your specific case, just give us a call! Our toll free number is 877-277-4682 or you can click the “Live Chat” link at the bottom of this page.

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