3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Custom Vape Labels

3 Tips for Saving Money on Your Custom Vape Labels

When it comes to labeling all of your unique e-liquid creations, there can certainly be some tricky challenges–especially if you’re a small business. Check out our money-saving tips and tricks below to label your e-liquid juice without breaking the bank!

  • Let’s say that your company is offering 10 original variations. 
  • Consumers will also have several choices of nicotine levels — typically 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.
  • And you’re probably selling these products in different size bottles — let’s say a 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml.

When you start to think of all the possible combinations, you could easily end up with 120 different label designs. And you guessed it — the more choices you’re offering, the more expensive your order (and graphic design work) can become, which is never music to the ears of a small company.

As a small biz ourselves, we can understand the need to be efficient while honing your craft. Here are two options to consider when looking to save some dollars on your labels:


This option allows you to create a blank “template” for each variation. So if you’re offering 10 variations, you would only need 10 individual designs (much cheaper than those 100+ designs).

When we produce your labels, we can apply a special gloss laminate that will allow you to print on top of your labels at your facility with a Thermal Transfer Printer! Once the labels arrive at your fabulous e-liquid lounge, you would then print the nicotine or fill levels yourself, depending on what you need.

This option is great for small businesses, as it hands over more of the control and allows you to print what you need as you need it.

Pro Tip: Our labels come on 3” cores. Some thermal transfer printers are compatible with 3” cores, and others are not. Be sure to check out the details and make sure that a 3” core will work with the printer model that you purchase.


Another option that could help you out is our Variable Data Printing (VDP) option. This, too, allows you to use blank “templates” for each design–but rather than printing on the labels yourself, we would print that varying information for you.

The data that changes or varies–the nicotine level and fill level or even things like barcodes and lot numbers–can be submitted in Google or Excel spreadsheets. Then, we are able to use a substitution computer program that changes out that data on each label.

The only drawback to Variable Data Printing is that we are only able to organize rolls by design. Therefore, you will never have two different variations on a roll together, but you may very well receive different nicotine levels or fill levels mixed together on the same roll.

This may not be ideal for every e-liquid company, especially if you send your labels to a third-party manufacturer or have them machine applied. But for those of you that hand apply your labels and have a keen attention to detail, Variable Data Printing can definitely provide some extra wiggle room in your label budget.

Pro Tip: Both of these options are better suited for companies that label the bottles before filling! 


If these first two options do not sound like viable options, ordering in bulk is always an opportunity to save some extra money. Say you place an order for 1,000 labels today and 3 months down the road, you place another order for 1,000 more. While we do offer competitive pricing, you will certainly save even more money by grouping those batches together and ordering 2,000 labels the first time around. 

The reason for this is because it’s significantly easier and less costly to run the press and the subsequent machinery one time, rather than two or three or four. A secondary run requires more time, more energy, more material and manpower.

Knowing this ahead of time can help you make strategic ordering decisions. Plan ahead for your future needs, and bulk those orders together whenever possible for some extra savings!


If you’re ever wondering what you could be doing more efficiently, give us a call! We are happy to review your order history with you and search for ways to help you save! 

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